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No Warm Intro Needed

Are you looking for feedback or want to pitch me (Sapna) on your retail B2B, DTC or marketplace startup? You don't need a warm intro to reach out. You can send your deck to

You Tube Channel

Missed any of the virtual Retail X Series sessions since 2020? Find them all on YouTube. 

To view the recordings, click HERE

Resources Recommended By the Retail X Community

3PL Recommendations:
I've created an AirTable to track recommendations from the Retail X community. You can find it here:

3PL Resources

CRM Systems for Early Stage Startups:

- Pipedrive

- Streak

- Hubspot CRM (free)

- Klaviyo

- Propellor

- Clearbit

Other Sales Tools: – to scrape LinkedIn

Cutting & Sewing Firms (Recommendations from Allison Dorst of Pinks & Greens):

Duran Cutting, Clifton, NJ - Ask For Christian


(Precision digital cutting 2 huge cutting tables and can do manual cutting for engineered prints)


SewRite, Passaic NJ - Ask for Anthony

‭+1 (201) 906-1730‬

(Knits, can do high volume but will also do smaller lots...200 pieces)

Data Security & Compliance Recommendations for Retail Software Startups:

Practical Assurance (recommended by Atima Lui of Nudest)

Bitsight (recommended by Robin Li of GGV Capital)


Public documentation of policy recommendations by Ryan Smith of FTSY:

Privacy Policy

Data Policy (you can see in the titles and subsections key elements for security, compliance, and GDPR specific items

B2B Sales Process Books (Recommendations from Trevor Sumner of Perch Interactive):

Raising Seed Capital (by Parul Singh at Founder Collective):

This article is worth a read for all early stage founders. Seed gradient chart also included below.

Raising Seed Capital? Here’s Your 2018 Guide on How To Do It Successfully


Consultants that Help You Build Your Brand

Judy Kim of Hada Collective - works with startups and established brands

For a list of additional resources for fundraising, investors, retail/ecommerce-related newsletters and more, please go to:

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